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SD French Film Festival 2023


The San Diego French Film Festival 2023 was held from June 11 to 13 at The Lot, in the heart of La Jolla under the patronage of the actress Laura Weissbecker.

The selection included francophone movies from France, Tunisia and Canada with the feature films L'ASTRONAUTE (US premiere), LE PLONGEUR, MASCARADE and COVID 19 GROUND ZERO. The short films selection included  CENDRES during the opening night, with the presence of its leading actor and co director Medhi Ajroudi and a selection of ten short movies. 

Among those 10 shorts: 

13 Octobre directed by Clément Lagouarde - Prix de l'Alliance

Souviens toi directed by Claudia Miclotte - - Prix du Public

Press San Diego French Film Festival

More photos

Videos by DSideProd -  Photos by Diane Hamacher

Tv Feature about the Festival


The San Diego French Film Festival is possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors

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