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San Diego French Film Festival


The San Diego French Film Festival is an annual event held in June in San Diego, California, organized by the

Alliance Française San Diego, dedicated to showcasing contemporary francophone cinema.

The Festival celebrates francophone cultures, language, and the art of filmmaking by presenting a selection of films, in French, to the local community. It started in 2021 as a streaming event, and, in 2022, it took a hybrid approach by incorporating a focus on arts and culinary food during the opening night. In 2023, the Festival was extended to a 3-day in-person event, with screenings and Q&A sessions. We are happy to share that the 4th edition will open on June 2, 2024.

Throughout the Festival, hosted at The Lot, in the heart of La Jolla, attendees have the opportunity to watch a diverse selection of films from various francophone countries. These films have the power to move, enlighten, inspire, inform, and transform the audience. Watching these films in a theater setting add to the overall experience, as the collective atmosphere and shared emotions intensify the impact of the storytelling.

Overall, the Festival serves as a bridge between cultures, connecting people through the universal language of cinema. It creates a space where individuals can immerse themselves in the beauty and power of francophone films, fostering understanding, appreciation, and dialogue among attendees.

In addition to the Festival, the Alliance Française San Diego shares francophone movies each month through the

San Diego French Film Club. 

Opening night

The Festival’s Red Carpet event is held at THE LOT in La Jolla. An occasion to meet movie professionals and gather the francophile community of San Diego and beyond 

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Francophone movies

The festival offers films from different French-speaking countries such as France, Senegal, Canada, Tunisia, Belgium, Mali... 

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Bon appétit !

Delicious food made by renowned

San Diego Chefs, some champagne and nice wines et voilà !

2023 edition

2022 edition

Videos by DSideProd -  Photos by Diane Hamacher

They talk about us!

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The San Diego French Film Festival is possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors

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Hugh and Cynthia Levin

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