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Bonjour, Do you want to help a French student in his/her/their dream of visiting America’s finest city, San Diego? Do you always like to help people and show them the best San Diego offers? Look no further.


The Alliance Francaise de San Diego partnered with La Route des Langues, a premium APEX Education Group brand with 25+ years of experience in exclusive international language programs. We decided to partner with them because, unlike any other exchange program, it’s like Airbnb for families on both continents. Meaning YOU decide who’s coming to live with you and when so much like the family who sends their children to. It’s the perfect matchmaking to get the best experience for you, your family, and the student who comes here.


What is this program?

This program is designed for students aged 13 to 18 during their summer break, aka late June until Mid-August. You can host for a minimum of 2 weeks up to 4. The platform you’ll register to is designed to tailor the student's choice to your lifestyle. You’ll provide accommodation, and food and involve the student in family activities, events, and celebrations so they can get a real sense of living the American Dream for a few weeks.


Why should I participate?

It feels good to give back. You won’t get paid. It’s wanting to show your country, your city, and your way of living, and make friends forever by building a lifelong friendship. It’s a way to share your culture and learn about another one, practice your French (but not too much!).


How do I register? It’s easy. Go on the website and follow the instruction. The Alliance Francaise de San Diego remains at your service if you need more information. Feel free to call us or reach out to us via email at

We’ll sometimes host an information session, so follow us on Instagram or Facebook or register to our mailing below, not to miss the next one.

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