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EVERY DAY en FRANCAIS at the Alliance Française de San Diego!


Our in-person after-school program 2024-25, is a full francophone immersion in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It combines French classes with thematic classes such as cooking, art, ludopedagogy, and dance!

Whether you're a beginner in French or a seasoned francophone, our after-school program offers a complete program for children aged 5+ and teenagers. Not sure of your child's level? We offer placement tests.

You can enroll your child(ren) for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week and create the perfect schedule for them.

Classes are all in person at the Alliance Francaise San Diego, in small groups led by our team of expert instructors.

You can enroll below.

Contact us for questions at

A bientôt!

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For a one time yearly payment, benefit from an additional 5% off

Please contact us at for this option.

About the classes
French Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Whether you're a beginner in French or a seasoned francophone, there is a class for you.
Not sure of the level of your child? We offer placement tests.

French 1, 2, 3 and 4
These classes follow the program of French classes taught in middle and high schools. It's a great path to get ready for AP French.
Cooking and Art

Each week, children will get an opportunity to practice and learn French through creative activities such as cooking, or art and craft activities. Children will explore a variety of recipes, and express themselves through drawing, painting, mix media and 3D mediums. 

"Un esprit sain dans un corps sain": Children will be able to unwind and use all that extra energy through dance classes covering, zumba, hip hop and more. All that in French!
Play and Learn i.e. Ludopedagogy
Ludopedagogy believes that play is not just a break from learning but an essential part of it. Through play, learners can explore, experiment, and develop critical skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and resilience.In this class, our instructor design learning experiences that incorporate elements of play, such as:
- Language Games: word puzzles, crossword puzzles, charades, or language-based board games like Scrabble.
- Role-Playing: Practice conversational French through role-playing scenarios.
- Storytelling: Create and narrate stories in French. 
- Scavenger Hunts
- Songs  

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