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All fees are included. 


Don't forget to enroll online and register by completing this form


This price is for the full exam (compulsory & writing & oral test).

If you wish to only register for: 

- Compulsory & Writing: total is $300. Use coupon code TCF-TP1 at checkout. 

- Compulsory & Oral Test: total is $300. Use coupon code TCF-TP1 at checkout.

- Compulsory only (multiple choice questions): total is $215. Use coupon code TCF-TP2 at checkout.



- Deadlines are set globally for all certifications. We cannot register a student after the due date since the system will not allow it.

- Registered persons will receive an exam notification once all registrations are closed. There is no need to contact us before that date since we need to wait for the final list to send out notifications.


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