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Join us for a delightful camp experience where children can unwind and have fun before school starts!


Our camp offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement with board games, crafting, cooking, and games conducted in French. Children can enjoy leisurely rounds of classic board games, fostering strategic thinking and social interaction. Engaging in creative craft activities will spark imagination and provide a hands-on outlet for artistic expression.


Meanwhile, our cooking sessions will introduce young chefs to the joys of culinary exploration, all while practicing their French language skills. Whether it's crafting, cooking, or playing games en français, our camp promises a stimulating and enjoyable environment for children to unwind and make lasting memories before the school year begins.


August 26 to August 30

Monday through Friday, 9 am to 12 pm

with the possibility of extended care

2 classes are open: Elementary (5+) and Teens

Ratio 1:8


Location: At the Alliance Francaise de San Diego

For our members, use 10%offmembersSC at checkout to benefit from 10% off. 


After you register, you'll get a document to sign with all the policies and paperwork to fill out about your child. 

Week 6: Ludicamp - August 26 to August 30

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