AFSD is an official certification and proficiency exam center:

AFSD is an official certifications and proficiency exam center. We offer services to people looking for a reliable way to assess their level of French for school records, university applications, career requirements, and more.

For any inquiries about certifications, please contact Kate: certifications@afsandiego.org

Individual evaluations

AFSD offers French proficiency evaluations to individuals. AFSD also organizes individual or group exams for French citizens who need to take exams in any discipline at both Bachelors and Masters degree level

Prep Courses

We can assist you with preparation for the e-tef, DELF and DALF, SAT French and AP French exams. We offer private lessons to review the procedures of each test and to reinforce the language skills required for these examinations.

We also offer a group class to prep for the AP French exam.

Contact certification@afsandiego.org for more information.

We are now OPEN for certifications. All certification participants must provide us with a pcr test before arrival to the Alliance Francaise San Diego, certification site.

Send an email to certificate@afsandiego.org  for more information. 


En partenariat avec le CNED, l’Alliance Française de Paris gère une formation professionnelle à distance s’adressant à des professeurs ou futurs professeurs désireux d’enseigner le français langue étrangère. Cette formation est accessible uniquement par voie d’un test obligatoire et est validée par l’un des examens finaux (ancienne ou nouvelle formule) afin d’obtenir le DAEFLE.

Pour plus d’information et pour s’inscrire au test d’accès ou à l’examen final, contactez-nous!


DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française) are official certifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education designed to assess the level of fluency in French language. These certificates are valid for life.

These diplomas provide the candidate with a quality French-level certification, useful to carry out specific personal, academic or professional projects. The exams are open to non-native speakers, without any set requirements as regards the minimal number of guided-learning hours. Candidates will take the exam of their choice. DELF-DALF test is exactly the same worldwide. It is composed of six independent diplomas corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:  DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2, DALF C1 et DALF C2.
DELF B2 graduates need not take the entrance language-examination to French universities. Click HERE for a detailed tests description.

The AFSD provide efficient test preparation courses with our trained and experienced teachers. Contact us for more information.

The AFSD is an official test center for Alliance Française de Pasadena.
ALL registration for DELF/ DALF must be made at afdepasadena.org

For more info and to register for the next session, click here.

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