The Comparisons

Francophile or eager to learn French? 

Do I consider myself a Francophile? Perhaps. Up until a few weeks I never gave it a second thought about me being a Francophile, till someone mentioned the definition of such word: someone who admires and who has a highly admiration to French culture (language, food, traditions, etc). 

Now that I’ve had some time to think it over, I would like to consider myself as one. I believe it first started to run around my head when I was a little girl and my dad spoke to me in French, he would say that he wanted me to learn French so we could communicate with one another without my mom understanding us. 

My interest grew stronger after I was giving the option of learning French in my high school, about 10 years ago. I immersed myself into learning as much as I could about the language and the culture, I started to do my own research about how French did things and started comparing them with the way I was taught to do things. I would research top 100 songs in France, print the lyrics of those songs and tried to sing along to practice my French. 

In my head the only way to truly succeed with my French was to try and live it, and that meant “act like the French so I can think like the French”. I believe after doing more and more research, I just wanted to keep learning more. When I finally had an opportunity to go to France, I was finally able to understand my “obsession” with France culture. I was able to learn first handed some traditions and even got a chance to practice that accent (perfect accent) I’ve been working for so long.  I believe this splendid interest I have with the French culture will keep growing stronger as I become more and more comfortable with the language and as I live like French (or try) here in America. 

Having a Mexican background coming from my mom helped me have a comparison between the two cultures and from that point on I started to compare everything I could across both cultures, I often compared ways of living and eating and expressing yourself with the American culture. I came to the conclusion that Mexican and French cultures have some similarities and that has always given me hope about having the opportunity to easily learn and adapt if there is ever a chance for me to live in the French world. 

Profitez de votre journée.

Votre amie Madame C-Blanchard

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