French for business – Intermediate

With over 321 million speakers on all five continents, presence in international trade agreements and diplomacy, relevance in a wide range of sectors, from STEM to the fashion industry, and a future of growth, especially in the developing world, French is a highly important language in business. In this course, you will refine French vocabulary and structures necessary for navigating and leading effectively in the Francophone business world. This course will develop linguistic and cultural fluency related to professional communication, business culture and structure, human resources, production, marketing, sales, ethics, and finance. Specific communicative skills such as organizing and participating in meetings, expressing oneself confidently via phone, letters and email, public speaking, effective negotiation, participating in an employment interview, and promoting products will be practiced at an intermediate level. Finally, an emphasis will be placed on intercultural understanding of important issues such as hierarchy in business culture, responding to conflict, public relations, and rules of business ethics, all in a French context. This course is designed for adults who already have some knowledge of the French language. Included in the price of this course is the textbook, a $30 value. 

Dates: 4/26 to 7/14 | Days: Friday 12:00-1:30 PM | Teacher: Amelie

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