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Art class for kids

We are offering a new way for your kids to practice French! Make the most of their creativity with art classes combining drawing, painting, and collage. 


Under the supervision of our instructor, children will be encouraged to express themselves and explore different techniques. While learning in a fun atmosphere, kids will increase their skills. 


The teacher will help the students with their individual artworks. We push students to better understand things like perspective, color use, abstraction, and value.


Some of the materials that the students will be practicing with are color pencils, watercolors, markers, collage, and acrylic paints.


Examples of activities covered throughout the session: 

  • Color mixing and color theory

  • Drawing, painting techniques 

  • Mixed media artworks (collage and paint)

All levels are welcome. Age 6 and over

All materials are provided, including paint, brushes, paper, or canvas. 

Bring your apron.


6 sessions 

Dates: 4/18 to 5/23 at the Alliance Francaise San Diego

Teacher: Laurence  

Fee: There is a $59 annual registration fee

Art Class | Thursday 4:00-5:30 p.m. | InPerson

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