New Year’s in France 

Let’s talk about how French people celebrate New Year’s… we can begin by learning the name French people give to this celebration. The first day of the year is also referred to as la fete de la Saint-Sylvestre or “Jour de l’an” or “Jour des etrennes”. Just like in America, some people decide to spend New Year with friends and people they are dating or with close friends and family. 

Food, food, food. 

For the people that decide to stay-home the food looks very similar to the food they have for Christmas Eve: foie grass, caviar (if you have some extra cash for that luxurious meal), oysters, and of course champagne and wine. 

French people have New Year’s events that include drinks, party-goods, and music where they all count down for the New Years’. 

Fun facts!! 

French people kiss under the mistletoe (or “le gui”) on New Year’s, not Christmas and it symbolizes long life and prosperity and some people believe is the promise of marriage. 

In France, people hug and kiss one another (two kisses or more depending on the region) and they congratulate one another while singing “Bonne Année” when the New Year arrives while they open champagne to celebrate. 

It is important to mention that if you do decide to stay home or go out (this applies to both scenarios) everyone will be dressed up or as the French would say “se mettre sur son trente-et-un”, so take out your dressing shoes or dancing shoes. 

Profitez de votre journee, 

 Votre amie Madame C-Blanchard


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