My Hobby

Whenever people ask me about my hobbies, I simply say, learning languages. This may sound a bit too much, but the word hobby means doing something you are passionate about, and I am passionate about learning new languages! It allows me to tap into another aspect of my personality, my mind, my emotions, and a whole other aspect of me that I had not recognized before. It makes me think and believe in a world of possibilities, of hope amongst our differences. Learning a new language is not just about learning phrases or understanding grammar. It’s like drowning in the beauty of newness and culture, swept away by waves in a thousand different shades. I love it. Knowing more than one language helps me feel at home everywhere I go. France is one of those places that has a little bit of everything in all its dazzling diversity. Even with my minimal knowledge of French, I was able to enjoy beautiful Paris and explore its rich culture. Learning a language is hard, but it’s also fun and I hope to make French my fifth language in the near future.

Merci infiniment,


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