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Test d’Evaluation de Français : e-tef Canada

The e-TEF Canada – Test d’Evaluation de Français is a French language proficiency test required in the context of economic immigration programs, for applications to Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to Canada (CIC- Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada).
The overall objective of the e-TEF Canada is to measure the level of the candidate's knowledge, linguistic and communications skills in French. The e-TEF Canada includes:
4 Sections (Immigration Canada)
2 Sections (Canadian Citizenship)
Reading Comprehension (CE): 60 min-50 questions- 300 points
Listening Comprehension (CO): 40 min-60 questions-360 points
Written Expression (EE): 60 min- 450 points
Oral Expression (EO): 15 min- 450 points
Listening Comprehension (CO): 40 min-60 questions-360 points
Oral Expression (EO): 15 min- 450 points
1. No diploma is required to take the e-TEF exams.
2. You can take the e-TEF exams as much as you want (with a period of 30 days between each examination).
3. A results certificate, sent to you by the CCIP, is valid for two years.

Exam Dates

Exam Dates
Registration Deadlines
Monday, January 13, 2020Thursday, January 2, 2020
Monday, February 3, 2020Thursday, January 23, 2020
Monday, March 2, 2020Thursday, February 20, 2020
Monday, April 6, 2020Thursday, March 26, 2020
Monday, May 4, 2020Thursday, April 23, 2020
Monday, June 1, 2020Thursday, May 21, 2020
Monday, December 9, 2019Thursday, November 28, 2019

For more information and practice tests visit: e-tef Canada or download the App ”Francais 3.0" and/or: Conditions d'inscription

Registration Fees:

Immigration Canada: 4 sections $315 $350
Canadian Citizenship: 2 sections) $200 $225

Registration Form:

Download Registration Form

Contact Information:

Amélie Chappaz certifications@afsandiego.org (858) 550-0144
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